5 Tips On How To Maintain Your Wool Area Rug’s Appearance

wool Area Rug Cleaning

Here are a few Tips That Will Help Keep Your Beautiful Wool Rug Looking It’s Best.

1. Place a mat at the door of the room which contains the wool area rug. This would prevent dirt stains and build up on the rug.
2. Make sure you or anyone else does not walk on the rug with their shoes on. This has become already become a norm in many households and you can follow suit if you want a cleaner and spotless area rug.
3. Prevent your rug from coming in contact with products or substances that can stain. For example, if Windex, bleach, ink or any other product lands on your carpet, it would likely result in a spot. Similarly if you have pets in the house, keep them away from your area rug because they are the one of the most common causes for area rug stains.
4. Keep your rug away from direct sunlight for increased amounts of time. This also prevents the color from fading away.

5. Always Get Have your Wool area rug cleaned by a professional Rug Cleaner on a regular basis. Professional companies use the latest cleaning products and state of the art equipment, and will clean your natural wool rug properly.


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